How to catch fish in the winter


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Ice fishing is one of the most popular things to do during these cold winter months. It is perhaps one of the most common recreational activities where the temperatures go below freezing. For those of you who are new to ice fishing here are a few things you need to know about it.

Ice fishing is something that almost anyone can do. You don’t need a boat or a truck or anything expensive for that matter. You don’t even need a fancy fishing rod or elaborate fishing lines to go fishing. One of the first things you would require would be an ice fishing rod. They are quite different to your regular fishing rods. The good thing is that they are a lot less expensive when compared to the regular fishing rods. There are different types of ice fishing rods available so you could get one that suits your needs. You could also get quite a few ice fishing rods for sale now days as this is the season for ice fishing.

The next thing you would require would be an ice auger. This is basically a device to drill a hole in the ice to start fishing. Most people go old school and use an axe but if you aren’t comfortable with that an ice auger would be perfect. A good 8 inch ice auger would be perfect. This would probably be the only expensive part of your fishing equipment.

Once you have this you all you need would be some bait and you are ready to fish. Before using bait it would be best to check if you are allowed to use bate. If it is allowed you could get yourself ring of shrimp, a container of worms or a package of maggots. Last but not the least you would require a large 5 gallon bucket. This bucket has multiple purposes. It is an old school way of carrying your gear and it doubles as a seat while you are fishing. Once you have all this you are good to go!

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