How to keep your fruit and veggies stored properly


tier fruit basket, banana hanger

It is necessary to keep your fruits and veggies stocked and stored properly to ensure that they last longer. Another factor is that when kept nicely, they also add to the décor and general ambience of the dining table or even the kitchen. If you are green at heart and pick fresh veggies and fruits rather than processed, then they will also spoil faster, as compared to frozen counterparts.

My fruit and vegetables come from the farmer’s market because they’re grown locally and have a smaller carbon footprint. But since they are free from pesticides, they are prone to getting rotten faster. So I prefer keeping them in an open tier fruit basket. Frankly, I don’t like fruits right out of the refrigerator, especially since the temperature where I reside is pleasant all year through.

Keeping fruits in a two tier open basket means I save on space, since they are layered on top of each other. But it also means that I can keep fruits that spoil easily separate from those that last longer. For instance, citrus fruits or those, which squish quickly are kept in one basket while the tougher and more durable ones like guava or apples go in another rack.

Banana hanger You can also try a wooden banana hanger like this one from Lipper bamboo collection that is a clean classical countertop piece in natural bamboo wood. The solid wood hanger keeps bananas fresh and ripens them evenly, so you don’t have kids giving an excuse for not eating soggy bananas.

You can use both of these items to keep your fruit and veggies in an easily accessed place like the dining table. Believe me, keeping them attractively sure comes with benefits. Your kids enjoy eating them and it saves me too from some useless calories by munching on healthier options.

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