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When on the go, one thing I like to do is minimize the luggage, especially on short ones that are related to work. It is so much easier to carry a cabin size suitcase and avoid the hassles of check-ins or waiting for the luggage to arrive. But I also need to make sure that I carry enough essentials to look appropriate and chic on the go. You can’t attend a business breakfast meet with frizzy hair!

By carrying these and other battery operated items and travel sized items it can be easy to organize smaller bags. But the advantage is that you can keep the same routine for getting ready even when not at home. For example, a battery operated hair dryer is a more sensible choice than an electrical one, especially if you travel a lot by road.

What I do, when short on time, is blow dry my hair on the go. I know it is not easy as it sounds, but after a couple of practices, you really ace the maneuverability. Of course, it is not like you will get perfect smooth and straight hair. But you don’t have to make do with damp hair also. It is also usable in your hotel room where you can spend more time on straightening. The benefit here is the compact size though!

You can also opt for a smaller travel hair dryer, which is like a regular hair dryer but smaller in size and lower on voltage. Check out the Conair 1875 that can be folded with ease, making it a sensible pick. Not all hotels have provision for hair dryers, especially if you have a stringent company policy, with limited funds for travel accommodations.

So these hair dryers help you look chic on the go, without wasting space and time.

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