Let it snow, but not on you


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Snow can always be fun at first but the last thing that people want to worry about it getting wet or start worrying about their clothes. Having a good quality coat made out of a sturdy material is a great way to fight against snow in the harsh winter weather. I still love to get a couple of snowballs from the neighborhood kids, who insist on snow fights. And I am glad that my winter coats offer the much needed protection.

One of my favorite picks have been the stylish and functional centigrade coats. What I love about them is thier versatility and yet they are so comfortable and snug. I got this black Cascade ruffle zip front coat that features wool-blend fabrication, which keeps me toasty. However, the real appeal comes from a stunning cascade of ruffles running down the front placket and a stand collar. You can go out and be gorgeous in this snappy coat, without worrying about the snow.

north face women's coatAnother sensible choice is North Face women’s coats, especially their Denali jackets. You might have known the Denali Jacket for years but the new Denali Hoodie is huge in the market. The updated design comes in approved fabrics for the entire garment, which is also a standard for environmentally-friendly norms.

As a rule of thumb, I prefer picking jackets and winter coats in different colors and shapes to suit my requirements. For instance, the Centigrade long coats are work-appropriate and perfect for nights out in the city or similar occasions. But the Denali hoodie is something I prefer on weekends or when lounging around or even hitting the gym.

Having different designs adds versatility to my wardrobe and helps me avoid over cluttering my wardrobe too. So, pick these sensible coats and enjoy the snow, without getting wet or worried about spoiling your clothes!

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