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Murad Shampoo

“I love my thin, lifeless, limp hair!” said no one ever. Not all of us were blessed with lush, thick, shiny hair like the girls in the shampoo commercials (seriously, where do they find those women?). Women spend millions of dollars each year to make our hair more beautiful, thicker, and shiner. Turns out, we don’t need to break the bank to have gorgeous hair; we just need to invest in the right products like Murad Shampoo.

Why Murad?

Murad Hair Care was developed by Dr. Howard Murad who realized that to have lush, thick hair you start at the scalp. Murad Hair Care is a patented and exclusive scalp treatment that replenishes protects and balances the scalp so that healthy hair can grow and develop. Dr. Murad assures that his hair care system works for all hair types if you follow his prescription for a healthy hair and scalp. Murad also makes their patented hair care treatments for color treated hair.

Doctor’s Orders:

This is Dr. Murad’s prescription for healthy hair and scalp:

  • Cleanse the scalp with Murad shampoo to remove dirt, dry dead skin and environmental pollutants.
  • Condition the scalp with Murad conditioners to strengthen the fragile hair follicle for healthier hair. Moisturizes and maintains balance while nourishing healthy hair growth.
  • Treat the scalp to a massage using Murad serum for follicle stimulation. This patented formula improves circulation and nourishes healthy hair growth.
  • Style the hair with Murad Pomade, Volumizing Hairspray, and/or Volumizing Airfoam. These styling aids contain antioxidants and vitamins that will nourish the hair and not build up on the scalp or damage the hair follicle.

Take two and call me in the morning:

Murad “Full Size” Fine Hair Starter kit-$40.99: This patented hair treatment is designed to stimulate and fortify the scalp with vital nutrients, nourishing healthy hair growth. This fantastic kit comes with a sulfate free shampoo, repairing conditioner, and a healing scalp serum to stimulate hair growth.

Let us know how Murad shampoo works for you below with comments and pictures!

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