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21st century is all about technical advancements. Technology has revamped everything from home appliances to gadgets. Nowadays people listen to their favorite tracks on ipods. A lot of advanced record players are used to play classic tracks. Here are some great items which will help you listen to your favorite music the old school way.

  • Crosley Advance Stereo Turntable by Hayneedle

Perfect for music aficionados, this stereo turntable lets you enjoy the distinctively warm and rich sound of vinyl. It can be a perfect addition to your current speaker system. Made from wood and plastic, this turntable features a classic piano finish in vibrant orange. This is a sleek three-speed record player. You can use its pitch control to fine tune the speed of your music. You can also preserve your precious records by transferring them to digital files.

  • Crosley Radio Troubadour Turntable

This radio turntable allows you to preserve your records digitally. You simply have to pop in your USB or SD card in the front of this turntable and press ‘record’. The Crosley Troubadour three-speed turntable needs no wires or computers to function. So, now it is easy for you to transfer your music to a CD, MP3, or a computer for more convenient listening. This record player allows you to play your music from a USB or an SD card, CD’s, cassettes and AM/FM radio. It comes with a retro design and real wood panels.

  • Denon Fully Automatic Turntable by Crutchfield

This turntable is ideal for people who want to go for a more lightweight option. It has a built-in phono preamp. You can hook it up to your system through a standard analog connection and play the music. It comes with an automatic system that starts your music with a touch of a button. When the record is finished, the tone arm automatically comes back to its original position. This dramatically reduces the chances of scratching the records.

  • Sony Walkmans

Yes, some Sony Walkmans have come back to play your mp3 tracks! You can pick a Sony walkman mp3 player featuring nine audio technologies. The Sony F Series Walkman MP3 player is an incredible little masterpiece that allows you to enjoy your music on the move. This is an ideal choice for people who travel regularly.

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