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Lighting is an indeed a huge source of energy consumption. In several homes lighting makes up for about 10-15% of the electricity bills. These are neither environmental friendly nor very easy on the pocket! On the other hand, energy-efficient lighting is just the opposite. Not only is the carbon emission reduced, but the electricity bills too.

The traditional incandescent light bulb usually used that are used in both office and at homes are quite inefficient. On an average, they can convert only 5% of the energy that they receive, into light. In fact even the fluorescent tubes used for commercial buildings are also inefficient.

Now-a-days, a variety of options are available that are energy-efficient. One of them is Compact Fluorescent Lights or CFLs. These are actually mini versions of the full-sized fluorescent lights that can fit into the standard sockets at your home while giving off lighting that resembles incandescent light bulbs. They are quite energy efficient bulbs and long-lasting as compared to the traditional bulbs. They are a great source of cost cutting too!

Another source of saving energy is using Light Emitting Diode or LED bulbs. These are tiny bulbs that are durable in nature combined with efficiency. This is why they are gaining in a lot of popularity. You can have plug in chandeliers with these LED bulbs while enjoying its magnificence. In fact manufacturers now “cluster” the small bulbs while including diffuser lenses to produce a better spread of light. The best part is that these energy-efficient light bulbs can fit most household lighting fixtures. They also have a longer life span of up to 10 times that of CFLs. LEDs are solid too that makes them lesser susceptible to knocks and breakages. The best part is that they remain cool and no heat is build-up.

By using these energy-efficient light bulbs, you can save your home and office bills by as much as 80%. LED’s don’t need an early replacement saving money for the person as well as for the companies as these bulbs need to be changed less frequently.

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