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One of the toughest aspects in golf that most golfers, even professional ones will agree would be to maintain a consistent swing. Since golf is a game of precision, even small defects in your swing could cause you to hook, slice or even miss the ball all together. Here are a few ways that could help you with your swing.

One of the first things in improving your swing would be to get yourself the right sized golf clubs. The golf clubs should be same length as the distance from the tips of your fingers to the ground when your arms are at your sides. There are several golf club manufacturers which provide you with golf clubs which are the perfect size for you. The Game ImprovementAFO Powerbilt golf clubs are one of the most popular ones for those looking to improve their game.

The next thing you would need to focus is on getting back to the basics. This would mean working on your stance and grip. If you happen to be right-handed player you should put your left hand at the top of the club. Then you should interconnect your left thumb with your right little finger and grab the club with your right hand. Your grip should not be too hard or too loose. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest, your grip should be around 3. Golf gloves do help out sometimes and quite a few golfers prefer using them to bare hands. The bionic golf glove would be good one for those of you who prefer them to using bare hands.

Once you’ve got this grip right you would then need to bend over the ball. Always remember that you should bend over from your waist and not your back. You would then need to bring the club back and at the same time you should keep your left arm straight while bending your arm to a 90-degree angle. Once the club is up you should drive the club forward. The twist at your hips will ensure that you have sufficient power in your shot. Last but not the least, practice makes perfect so keep practicing on your basics and your swing will improve with time.

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