3 Tips for Energy Efficient Lighting in your Home


Purple table lamp

One thing that seems to always be on in your home is the lights, no matter the room. As humans we naturally feel more comfortable in the warm glow of light, but as humans we also forget to turn off the lights in rooms we are in. Those totally human errors contribute to high energy bills and less money in your pocket. Here are three tips to keep your full of light and your wallet full of money.

Turn off the Lights: When you enter a room, turn the lights on, and when you leave turn them off. It’s really that simple, and yet somehow we all leave lights on all over our homes. This includes lamps, yes you love the glow of that purple table lamp, but when you’re not in the room, that glow is draining the money right out of your wallet.

A great way to get the kids involved with this light out project is ask them to do a “Lights Out!” drill. Have them go through the house and turn off all the lights to rooms that are empty, who ever turns off the most lights get a prize.

Use energy efficient light bulbs: Not all bulbs were created equal, its time you knew that. Yes, they might cost a little bit more at the home improvement store, but they’ll last longer and use less energy. Next time one of your light bulbs goes out replace it with a Miracle LED Light Bulb, you can save an average of $85 a year or 7% in energy costs.

Put your lights on a timer: Who hasn’t gone to bed and forgotten to turn off the porch light? We all do it, and those left on lights waste energy. Make sure that you have your outdoor lights on a timer so that they’ll turn off for you when you go to sleep. With the holidays coming and all the holiday lights you’ll be hanging, you want to make sure they’re not draining your wallet as well as your power bill.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and there’s no reason you can keep your house full of light and warmth and your wallet full of green!

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