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rustoleum, devilbiss spray gun

It’s busy times ahead. On the one hand you have heaps of shopping to do and on the other hand you have to get your house all spruced up. With cleaning and painting top priorities in most households this season, you can do with some help. That’s why I’ve put together a list of some painting tools that you will need to get the job done efficiently:

Step ladder or bench

You just can’t do without one of these. Something like a Little Giant SumoStance extension ladder made out of fiberglass is ideal. It offers superb stability for jobs like painting, cleaning and others. It extends up to 28 feet height and can be folded for easy storage. It’s adjustable to provide a level foothold on any surface, even on uneven ground.


Rustoleum first started off as a rust-preventive paint but is now a range of aerosol spray paints. Pick what you need for your painting job from their wide range of multi-surface and all-surface paints that have textured metallic and other finishes. Check out their range of primers and protective finishes.

Devilbiss spray gun

With a spray gun, you can easily paint small corners and difficult-to-reach places. It’s ideal for any surface like automobiles, wood, metal and others. The DeVilbiss Starting Line auto paint and printing system comes with 2 spray guns, one for priming and one for top coating.

Paint rollers

Paint brushes and paint rollers make painting a pleasure. A Wagner Turboroll power roller is an all-in-one roller and paint container. The incorporated paint tube holds enough paint to paint a large area in one fill. The paint is supplied to the roller cover at the push of a power button. The paint roller set comes with an applicator, AA batteries, suction tube, can lid and a spatter shield to make your job easier.

Masking tape

To make your job clean and neat, you need a hand-masking tool. Norton Premium masking tape stays in place, sticks to itself and removes easily with no residue. It has no curling edges or rollback allowing you to get on with the painting job. It’s in an easy-to-see tan color. It sticks to irregular surfaces too and is resistant to various temperatures.

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