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Hunting with decoys has loads of advantages. They are great as you aren’t actually shooting a live animal in case shoot the decoy. Here are few advantages so as to why decoys are useful when it comes to hunting.

When it comes to duck and goose hunting your targets are usually quite far away. The moment you try to get closer ducks and goose gets away which makes it difficult to shoot. This is where a decoy would be perfect. Decoys in goose and duck hunting distract them allowing you to get closer. This allows a hunter to get close up to a distance of about 15 yards. At this distance you can get a clean kill. This way there are no or fewer cripples and ducks lost and never recovered scenarios. Getting that close also allows you to identify the species and sex accurately which results in the reduction of waste and has a positive impact on the conversation efforts.

Decoys aren’t expensive you can get cheap goose decoys which are quite lifelike. The Bigfoot Full-Body Canada Goose Decoy would be a great option to have. This is perhaps one of the most effective decoys around. It features almost lifelike father detailing. They also feature natural non-glare flocked heads. This is good as it ensures that you aren’t distracted. This pack includes three feeders, two standard and one bull.  You could also get your hands on snow goose decoys which are quite effective as well.

The Avery Power Flag for power hunters is all about convenience, user comfort and durability. It is made from a fiberglass pole, welded aluminum wing receiver and reinforced stitching. All this will ensure this flag will be attracting geese season after season. The handle and controllable wing flex deliver an effortless, realistic flapping action which will distract the goose while you make a move.

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