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Engagement rings don’t have to be outrageously expensive to be beautiful. The sentiments and expressions of love and commitment in the ring are important. But having said that, girls do love their diamonds!  That’s why I’ve put together some tips and information on picking a cheap engagement ring for all those men out there and help you stay on a budget. Take a look here.

To start with, think practically. Plan your budget. And most importantly, fix the budget in your mind so you don’t get swayed while you’re out at the jewelers.

You can get a decent engagement ring that starts anything from $500 to around $3000-$4000 and this is if you’re on a budget. The sky is the limit if you’re flush with funds. For example, a 0.90 Ct. Round Diamond Solitaire engagement ring costs around $500. The solitaire has a brilliant, full cut and is set in a sleek, rounded 14k or 18k white or yellow gold.

Work out the math to see if the prices are feasible for you without stressing you out. A ring set with smaller diamonds is always cheaper than a solitaire. Cheap engagement rings that look beautiful are possible with some good research and understanding about diamonds.

The cost of diamonds depend upon their color, cut, clarity and carat size. Diamonds cost more when the size and clarity increases. Decreasing color in a diamond also makes them pricey.

Other methods you can use to get a beautiful yet cheap engagement ring is to use an existing ring that’s already there in the family. You can have it reset or polished to make it look different or new. An antique ring is priceless. And I don’t necessarily mean its worth in money. I’m talking about the sentimental value that an antique family ring possesses that is priceless. If there is no family ring, you can look for a unique ring at an antique store.

Flower engagement rings like the Ladies Yellow Gold brilliant-cut Flower Diamond bridal engagement rings are unique and special. It doesn’t always have to be diamonds. You can choose other precious stones.

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