The best ways to fight dark spots


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Dark spots can be a menace because they never seem to go away. Your foundation can cover it for a while, but once you wash your face… Bang it’s back! However, there are methods to get rid of these spots like getting the best dark spot corrector. Essentially they contain chemicals and natural ingredients that penetrate beneath the skin layers and tackle the problem from the root, unlike concealers and foundations.

Check out the Garnier skin renews clinical dark spot correcter that fades discolorations for even skin tone. It fights against dark spots, age spots and even residual acne marks. The product contains the power of vitamin C that prevents signs of aging, repeated environmental exposure, and hormonal fluctuations. This helps pigment clusters to concentrate below skin’s surface and prevent discolorations to appear on the surface. It gently lifts away spots and pushes new, healthy cells to the surface to provide even skin tone.

Another product you can check out is the Clinique even better dark spot corrector, which was also featured in the Glamour magazine (November 2010 issue, p98). It works as good as any leading prescription ingredient to get rid of dark spots. Along with using these products, it is also suggested that you implement the following steps to prevent occurrence of acne, which are one of the major causes of dark spots-

  • Follow a daily hygiene routine and make sure to moisturize and cleanse your face at least twice a day
  • Sleep on your back so that hair, your hands or even dirty pillow cases don’t touch the face. These contain bacteria that cause acne and thus lead to dark spots. Also, change pillow case regularly
  • Avoid greasy and dandruff hair falling on the face. So shampoo regularly too
  • Cleanse the internal system by opting for a daily glass of water with a slice of lemon or detox diet once in a while
  • Choose an oil free moisturizer or related products to suit your skin type

Best spot correctors

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