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If there’s one way to start off a healthy day, it has to be with a healthy breakfast. But when you are in a rush to catch the subway and avoid traffic snarl that is probably the last thing on your mind. But what you can do is kick start your day with a healthy smoothie instead of that caffeine laden coffee, which is just high on calories and almost zero on nutrition.

I love coffee but instead of making it your morning drink, shift it to the afternoon and have a healthy smoothie! No it cannot really substitute a complete breakfast but it does help you get most of your required nutrition. And it is really not that tough to make once you have a smoothie maker.

Like you, I too hardly have time to breathe in the mornings, so what I do is blend my favorite fruits and veggies (or anything else that I can lay my hands on) and blend it into a thick and delicious smoothie. Sometimes, I leave chunks of fruits in there to chew on too. All that you have to do is blend everything in a smoothie maker and you are done in just a minute!

Now don’t make your breakfast boring. You can try so many smoothie options, here are a few of them-

  • Yogurt based smoothies with a choice of fruits like raspberries, strawberries, orange, etc. is high on vitamins and proteins
  • For the milk lovers there’s option of low fat or organic milk with your preferred fruits
  • Blend in leafy vegetables like spinach or rocket leaves along with some fruits or even tomatoes and other juicy options. Don’t strain to get the fiber and roughage of a healthy breakfast smoothie
  • You can also add egg to the blend if you are not allergic to raw eggs or are looking forward to build muscles

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