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kid active trampoline,inflatable bouncer

Kids live toys! Some kids are less active than others. You can make your kids active by choosing the right toys that are safe and inter-active. Here are some items and toys which will help your kids become more active.

Kids activity tables

An activity table can attract kids. Pick a right sized and bright colored table. You can go for a wooden, metal or plastic activity tables. Plastic tables are popular because they are durable and affordable. You can pick a table featuring stogare space. Available in a variety of shapes and designs, these tables help kids to paint, draw and do various other activities. Some tables come with fun interchangeable toys, piano keys and puzzles which entertain kids.


Choose a trampoline that is suitable for your kid according to age and size. For instance the Alex Toys Little Jumpers trampoline will be ideal for kids who are 3 years old. This is a colorful and padded kid active trampoline with a cushioned easy-grip handle. It has spring-loaded legs and a sturdy structure which keeps the kids safe. For kids aged 1½ years to 4, the Gonge baby trampoline is ideal. It’s simple in design but very functional. This trampoline comes with a spring sheet that’s only 12 cm above the floor. Its rubber cover yields protection against the metal frame. Its handles are covered with foam to protect face and teeth. Check out some bigger trampolines for older kids.


Pick an inflatable bouncer to make your kids active. FunToyMall offers trampoline parts and supplies. It also provides inflatable double shot bouncers with slides and balls. Pick one of these bouncers and your kids will definitely love to jump on them. These bouncers can be a major attraction in a little one’s birthday party. So, pick a inflatable bouncer according to your kids’ age.

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