How to show off your family’s trophies


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If you or your family has won any trophies then displaying it proudly is something you should do. There are many ways to show off your family trophies. Trophy cases are the most popular ways of showcasing your families or your achievements. Here are a few of them you could consider getting.

If you are looking for a great trophy case with a nice wooden finish then the Pinnacle Frame Trophy Case would be a great option. This trophy case will keep all your sporting trophies displayed on your walls for everyone to see. This trophy case will allow you to proudly display your trophies, medals and other memorabilia of your success. This trophy case is made from a composite wood construction which will add to most interior decors. It includes a hanging template so you can hang it on the wall proudly displaying your achievements. The dimensions of this case are 18″L x 4″W x 27″H which is just about the right size.

If you are looking for trophy cases for the home which is a little more modern than you should consider the Series 70 Wall-Mounted Display Case. This display case is a very durable and attractive display case to show off awards, trophies, projects and other achievements. This display case features a satin anodized aluminum frame along with thick glass panels and shelves that will offer you an unobstructed view of your featured items. The satin anodized aluminum frame finish gives this case a nice futuristic look to it. It makes a great display case for all your achievements.

Depending on how many achievements you are planning to display you could also get yourself a good trophy cabinet. The biggest advantage with a trophy cabinet would be the fact that most of them available allow you to customize them according to your requirements. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about a few trophies not fitting. You can then have different options built into the cabinet such as sliding doors and other flexible presentation options. They are perfect as they are tailor made to meet your needs.

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