Simple home repairs will save you big bucks


Unfinished table legs

When you live a sustainable life you want to make sure that you use everything you own to their fullest so you can get your money’s worth and not add to the waste at your local landfill. Don’t throw away your furniture, clothes, or home furnishings when a simple fix is all it takes to make them new again.

Simple fixes, big rewards

When something in your home breaks the first thought is get the dustpan, sweep it up, throw it away, and replace it. But what if we stopped, and instead of taking it straight to the dumpster we fixed it? Why throw something away when there are easy and cheap ways to make it totally new again? Here you’ll find a few tips on how to fix some common house hold problems.

Your Grandmothers table, it’s been in your family for years, you can’t even count the dinners you’ve had at this table, and now one of legs is broken. Don’t throw it away, when there’s such a simple fix. Get yourself a few unfinished table legs in the same design and then stain it yourself so it matches the rest of the table. These table legs only cost an average of $20.00 a piece, and a small can of stain will run you about $8.00, so for less than $30.00 you have saved your family’s favorite dinner table.

We all have that one chair, that favorite chair that was made for you. You curl up in this perfect seat once a day, it’s where you relax and unwind. But now you’re cat has scratched the fabric and torn it to shreds. Don’t send that chair to the dumpster just yet, when you can reupholster it yourself. This is your chance to update the fabric if it’s out of date and make it the accent chair you were looking for. Most fabric ranges anywhere from $3.00-$8.00 a yard. So for as little as $24.00 you could have an entirely new chair.

Now that you know there are so many ways you can save your furniture there’s no need to panic the next time it breaks or your kitty turns it into their newest scratching post. If you have any great tips on simple household fixes please let us know with comments or pictures below!

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