Which weight bench to get for your home gym?


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Weight benches are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment. They are used for many things such as support, targeting different angles of muscles and helping you maintain posture when you start lifting weights.

Most home gyms should have a weight bench especially if you are serious about building muscle. Weight benches take up very less space as they are usually foldable. Getting a weight bench with dumbbells and barbells offers you a cost-effective weight training workout. There are many different types of weight benches available. The most common type of weight bench would be a flat bench. This is usually sufficient for beginners. They can be used for complete dumbbell workouts. You can also slide a flat weight bench under a weight rack for barbell lifts. Flat weight benches are easy to store and can be placed under a cot or placed vertical to the wall.

The other kind of weight bench would be the one with an incline and decline function. These weight benches have additional features which will allow you perform a lot of different weight lifting exercises. These weight benches will help you workout many different areas of your body when compared to a flat weight bench. Among the incline/decline weight benches available the XR 7.9 Golds gym weight bench would have to be one of the best ones around.

This weight bench is one of the most customizable ones you will find. With this weight bench you can perform a range of exercises thanks to the adjustable weight crutches. The multi position weight bench conveniently adjusts to different angles to give specific parts of your body a good workout. This weight bench also features a 4-roll leg developer to help build your quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors. Lastly this work bench also comes with an exercise chart which shows you the different workouts you can perform and which muscles it focuses on.

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