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Working at the comfort of your home is one of the best luxuries you can ask for. All you need to do is have an organized workspace with the necessary equipment and you are good to go. When it comes to home office electronics, HP has some of best out there. Here are a couple HP items which you could use for your home office.

One of the first things you would require in your home office would be a HP desktop computer. It is quite tricky to choose from the large range of desktop computers that are available at HP. If you are looking for a desktop with the right balance between cost and performance the HP Pavilion 7-1420t would be a great choice. This desktop PC comes with a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 quad core processor which will perform well no matter what program it runs. This desktop comes with about 6 GB of RAM which should keep your programs running smoothly. It also has a minimum of 1 TB hard drive space and in case you run out of it you can connect a secondary hard drive. Overall this PC is just about right for a home office.

The next most important thing you would require for a home office would be a printer. There are basically two types of printers out there, they are inkjet and laser printers. Choosing between them would depend on the amount of printing you would be doing. Laser printers have a high purchase cost but the printing costs are extremely low. Inkjet printers are quite the opposite. They cost less but their printing costs are relatively higher. Since you are working at home you wouldn’t be printing a lot and so an inkjet printer would be a good idea.

Among the HP inkjet printers the Officejet 150 would be a good choice. This is ideal for your home office as it features a compact design which will help you save space.  In addition to printing it also copy’s and scans. This HP all in one printer also features Bluetooth connectivity so you can print what you need wirelessly via your laptop or even smartphone. This is quite useful as you wouldn’t have to deal with messy wires. In addition to printing documents this printer also can print 4 by 6 high quality photographs. All these features coupled with HP’s reliability and reputation make it a great choice for your home office.

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