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As your social calendar begins to fill up with holiday parties this winter, you should make sure that your nail polish is still in season. Just because you’re bundled up with gloves and closed toe shoes does not mean that you should forget to keep them polished. There are lots of great nail polish styles that will compliment your fabulous holiday part outfit.

It is also really fun to get artistic with your nails. Fortunately with nail polish pens you don’t need to go to the salon to get a cute design on your nails. When using these pens one helpful hint is to put down a base coat on your nail before you use the pen; it will not stick if you apply the pens to bare nails. To seal in your own original design be sure to put a top coat over. The fine tip makes it easy to draw defined lines when creating your nail design, and if you mess up then just use a cotton swab to correct it; works great for both finger and toe nails.  These nail pens give you the freedom let your creative side shine.

While bright colors are fun for the summer season, gold and silver nail polishes are trending this the winter. Also try metallic colors for an understated shine to match your outfit, like the essie nail polish color blue rhapsody; plus an added bonus is that the polish goes on really easily only needing 1 or 2 coats. Deep reds and purples are also great winter season colors, and Chanel nail polish has a great line of these tones.

Another fun trend is to try crackle polish. This style is exactly as it sounds, leaving your nails with vintage cracked look. Specific nail polish, like Sally Hansens Sage Smash Crackle Polish, will give your nails a glittery gold cracked style. After you apply a base coat, apply a few coats of the crackle polish depending on how cracked you want it to come out looking; more coats will fill in the cracks. Then apply a top coat to seal in the polish.

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