3 essentials for a young catcher


youth catchers gear, rawlings catchers gearAlthough it is cold, rainy, and windy right now, spring will be upon us before we know it and for a lot of use that means spring training.  Spring is the time when all of our little baseball players gear up and head on out to the field to work on their swing.

A baseball player needs a lot of gear and the cost can often add up.  This is especially true for those who play catcher, which is why it is such a good idea to shop around for the best prices on quality youth catchers gear before your kid hits the field.

Below is a list of some of the most important gear that a catcher needs in order to be safe and effective at the position:


The facemask is one of the most distinct pieces of sportswear in all of sports.  Even those who know little to nothing recognize a catcher right away when they see the facemask.  This is not without good reason, as a catcher’s facemask is extremely important because it protects the face from fast-coming pitches and errant swings of the baseball bat.

Chest Protector

The chest protector is another piece that is absolutely necessary for someone playing catcher.  It is the catcher’s responsibility to keep the ball from getting past him at all costs when there are runners on base and he often has to use his chest in order to do this – particularly when the pitch hits the dirt.

Leg Guard

When a catcher is squatting behind the plate, his knees are expose and an errant pitch can easily hit them. He also has to drop to his knees quickly sometimes to keep the ball from getting by him.  Scenarios like these make leg guards a much-needed commodity.  Rawlings catchers gear is known to produce quality leg guards, as well as chest protectors and helmets.

Of course, don’t forget the catcher’s mitt – no other baseball glove can do what it does!

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