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120v battery, iPhone battery

Most electronic gadgets we use these days run on batteries. As we know, the charge of a battery dies down after a period of usage. This becomes inconvenient. This is why there are many accessories available which will help you extend the battery life of your electronic gadgets.

Battery packs are one of the best accessories to carry along if you have concerns about charge running out. Battery packs are a set of batteries which connect in series or parallel. Portable 120 V battery packs are quite popular with professional photographers.  The more powerful 120v battery packs like the APC Smart 120V external battery pack  can pair up and this will help you run servers longer. The recharge time of this battery is about 3 hours which is quick. The weight of this battery pack would be the only issue as it weighs in about 56 KG.

For more portable devices such as your iPod and iPhone you can get external batteries to prolong their charge life. When it comes to the iPhone there are cases like the PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case which double the battery life. The Kensington BungeeAir Power battery case is another example of an iPhone case which has batteries which double the battery life. This case allows you to toggle on and off the battery function by pressing and holding a button. This case also features a mini USB port to charge the case and simultaneously sync your iPhone with your PC.

If an iPhone battery case isn’t what you are looking for then you should probably get yourself an iPhone battery pack. The Aluratek 5000 mAh Portable Battery Charger is a good option. This battery pack features mini, micro USB, & 30 pin connectors so you can connect most of your portable electronic gadgets. It also has a full-sized USB port which should charge just about any phone or portable media player. To give a measure of its capacity, this battery pack will charge your iPhone up to four times or your iPad / iPad 2 up to two times. It is great to have this portable battery charger when you are travelling.

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