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extra deep sofa, Loveseat

If you’re planning on doing up your family room, have a clear idea of how you want it all to look finally. A proper décor plan is always helpful so the entire room looks well coordinated. Get the basic look of the room right and then slowly add special touches till you get the final result. Here, let’s take a look at a deep couch, a love seat and a leather chair that can make a room look very cozy and inviting:

Extra deep sofa

A living room or a family room is most often the place where the family and friends get together. You must make provision for enough seating so people can sit around and have a proper conversation. Furniture placing is important. If the room is big, you can’t have furniture scattered around. They have to be grouped together cozily so that it looks and feels appealing.

An extra deep sofa where everybody’s is relaxed and comfortable can be a great way to unwind. Go for extra deep couches or a sofa group that generally includes a three-seater, two single-seaters and a small ottoman. A Jackson Mesa sofa group has contemporary styling and deep layered comfort. The set has wide seating, padded arms and pub back backrests with soft and durable upholstery. Fabric toss pillows add to the comfort factor.


A loveseat placed near a window or placed in a nook in the living room makes for a cozy arrangement. A love seat accommodates two comfortably. It is ideal when you want to be with other people but slightly away for a private conversation. A Tailor loveseat is wide and comfy with modern bench seat cushion and four plush cushions across the back. The loveseat can be in a bold color in complete contrast to your sofa set. This will add some eye-catching detailing to the room.

Deep leather chair

Every living room must have a deep leather chair. A leather chair that’s reclined is very comfortable and completes the décor. This can be your place to unwind after a hard, long day.  Something like a Taurus bonded leather reclining chair will let your body relax and allow you to contemplate life leisurely. Go for a deep seat cushion and comfortable backrest. Make sure the color of the chair complements the rest of the furniture in the room.

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