3 gadgets that satisfy your passion for music


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Music is something that most of us can’t live without. If you love your music you would also be particular about how you listen to it. Here are three gadgets which would be great for listening to your favorite tracks.

Among the gadgets for listening to music since the 80′s, the Boombox would have to be among the most popular. The Boombox culture from the 80′s might not be around much but a Boombox is still something that sells quite a bit. The Sony Zs S2IP Boombox would be one of the most popular ones around. This Boombox features the same classic design but with a few modern features. It features a compact design which makes carrying it around reasonably easy. This Boombox features a CD player and an iPod dock. It can also store up to 30 radio stations in its memory and can be accessed quite easily. The mega bass sound system ensures rich, deep bases tones to account for a good output.

A turntable would be another gadget which you could satisfy your passion for music. Among the turntables around the SL-1210M5G Technics turntable would a great option. This is a professional direct-drive turntable is used by quite a few professional DJs. This turntable features a digital pitch control, adjustable brake and improved tone arm to give you great high quality output. Lastly this turntable also features the rugged design and the premium feel that is usually associated with all Technics products.

If you are a person on the move then you should consider getting yourself a portable MP3 player. Among the portable MP3 players the Sony 16GB Black F Series Walkman would be a great option. This MP3 player features about 16 GB of storage space which should store quite a lot of music. This MP3 player runs on the Google Android 4.0 operating system. This means you have access to all the apps on the android marketplace. Lastly it features Bluetooth streaming so you can play your music wirelessly to any audio system which has Bluetooth.

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