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The functionality of smartphones these days has made life a lot easier. With a smartphone you can do almost everything that you can do on your desktop or laptop computer. Even though smartphones are quite functional there are a few accessories which they can benefit from.

Bluetooth headsets are one of the most useful cell phone accessories around. They allow you to take calls while driving while your hands stay on the wheel. The only issue with Bluetooth headsets would be that they have to  be recharged quite often. Among the Bluetooth headsets around the Sennheiser EZX 60 Mobile Bluetooth Headset is one of the best ones available. Everything about this headset, right from the design to the functionality is just perfect.

The Sennheiser EZX60 features digital noise cancellation. This reduces background interference when driving or walking through busy streets. It also features echo cancellation to eliminate all echoes while you are talking. It weighs only about 12g so you wouldn’t even know it was on your ear. Lastly it has a charge life of about 8 hours of talk time and about 300 hours on standby.

A cell phone signal booster would be a great accessory if you are travelling. Signal boosters or cell phone antenna boosters are very useful as they significantly improve your signal range. They are great for when you are heading out on a cross-country drive. There are specific cell phone antenna booster kits which are specifically designed for a car. The Wilson 801212 is a great cell phone signal booster kit. It works with GSM, CDMA, and TDMA carriers in the 800MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies. This includes most cell phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.

A smartphone holder for your car would be a good accessory to have. This accessory is quite useful if you are using your phone’s GPS for directions. Thanks to this your, hands are free and on the steering wheel. The Universal Car Air Vent Phone Holder is just about the best universal car mount you will find. It is compatible with almost every smartphone out there. Assembling it in your car is also quite straightforward and it only requires a screwdriver. Lastly it is light weight and compact making it ideal for on the go lifestyles.

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