3 simple ways to listen to music in your car


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Long drives can often get monotonous and boring. This is where music can change things, keep you awake and start conversation. With the advent in technology there are many ways to listen to music in your car. Here are three simple ways to listen to music in your car.

One of the easiest and probably the most common ways to listen to music in your car would be to turn on the radio on your car audio system. Radio stations across the country play varied and popular music all day. Most car stereo systems come with a radio so it isn’t some expensive addition that you would have to add to your car. These days you can even get digital quality sound via digital satellite radio stations.

The only issue with listening to music off your radio would be that you do not have full control over what music you listen to. This is where listening to music off CD is a lot better. Most car stereo systems come with CD players and even if they don’t it isn’t expensive to get one. They are usually built into the head units of car stereo systems. The head units from Pioneer and Kenwood are quite good and offer you quite a lot of features.

The next way you can listen to music in your car is via your smart phone or mp3 player.  All you need to do is connect your mp3 player or smartphone via an auxiliary cable to your car stereo system and play music of them. If your car stereo system and mp3 player/smartphone have Bluetooth you can wirelessly play music off your smartphone. Those of you who have iPods without Bluetooth can buy the radio transmitter accessory for it and play music wirelessly through your stereo system as well.

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