5 things you should have before you go on a bike ride


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Biking is one of the best outdoor recreational activities around. Not only is it a great stress buster but it is also provides you with a great workout. Now before you head out biking you are going to need a few things with you. Here are five things you should have before you head out biking.

One of the first things you should have with you before heading out biking is a water bottle and a water bottle holder. If you are planning to have an intense workout it would be advisable to get yourself some energy drink instead of water. A bicycle water bottle would be ideal as they are made specifically for carrying with you on the bike. They are also easy to open and easy to squeeze making it easy to drink while riding your bike.

The second thing you definitely need before you head out on your bike would be a helmet. This is absolutely essential as it is part of your safety gear. It is essential that you find a bicycle helmet that is comfortable to wear and is reliable. Among the bicycle helmets around the 2013 Giro Atmos Road Helmet would be a great option. This helmet has the perfect combination of is the perfect combination of performance, sleek styling and cooling comfort. This helmet features an in -mold composite sub frame and roll cage reinforcements which provide you with excellent protection. The design of this frame also provides for a streamlined and low-profile fit.

The 3rd thing you need would be a bicycle stand or rack in case you are planning to carry your bike to a trail far away from your place. You can place a bicycle rack on top of your vehicle and your bicycle can be mounted on to it for easy transportation. You could also get a bicycle stand for convenient parking so that you don’t have to leave your bike flat on the ground.

Once you have that you would need to get a spare tube for your tire. This is quite essential as you never know when your tires could lose air or get punctured. Since repairing a punctured tire would be difficult it will be good if you had a spare tire.

Last but not the least it is important that you get yourself a good backpack. This is important as it will help you carry your spare tire, energy bars, snacks and other things that you might need during your bike ride. Getting a backpack that isn’t too big is what you should be looking at as you don’t want to be carrying too much weight. Once you have all these 5 things you are good to go!

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