5 ways to prepare for wrestling practice


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Wrestling is a very tough sport which requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Tough training and practice is the best way to go about if you are looking to become a professional wrestler. Here are five different ways to prepare for wrestling practice.

Before you hit the ring or begin training there are quite a few things that you would need to do. One of the first things that you would be required to do would be to go on a long run. This is not only a good cardio workout but it is also a good warm up for the training that you would have to do. This will help you increase your stamina. In addition to running swimming would be a great option too. Swimming would also be a great way to improve your stamina as it works out almost every muscle in your body.

Once you are done with swimming or running it is time you did some stretching exercises. Your stretching exercise should be based on the muscles that you are planning to work out in the gym. One of the first stretching exercises would be to do butterfly stretches. These are great as they will help you stretch your inner thighs, groin, hips, and lower back. This basically gets them into shape so you can begin doing weights to strengthen them.

The next stretching exercise should be to spread your legs and touch each toe with the opposite hand. This will help you stretch your hamstrings and lower back. Repeat this for about a couple of minutes until you feel your muscles are fully stretched. It would be best to wear cheap wrestling singlets as they are the most comfortable to work out in.

Once that is done you should bring your legs together and touch your toes. This is quite important especially after you have had a long run. This will basically kill any cramp which might have occurred in due to your long run. It will also keep your leg muscles stretched for additional strength workouts.

Then when you are done with this it is important that you take a short break. During this break you should put on safety equipment such as a knee brace or a waist belt depending on what you are doing next. Once the break is over it is time to begin strength training and to begin working on your technique.

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