A few household items to check on this winter


intermatic timer, heat mat thermostat

It’s not too late even now for a thorough inspection around your home. Make a checklist of all the things that need to be inspected and go through each one methodically. Being properly organized and ready for the upcoming winter ensures you have a comfortable festive season without worrying. Take a look at some household things that will go a long way in making life comfortable this season:

Intermatic timer

Timers for your electronic equipment and home appliances help protect them from power surges. Wall mounted intermatic timers are a great comfort as you set them to turn on lights on and off ensuring your house is secure. You can set multiple settings throughout the day. They usually have a memory guard to protect against power failures. You can also program other household appliances like air-conditioners, heaters and other heavy-duty appliances with an intermatic timer. Check out the Intermatic Pool and Spa equipment and Light Timer with freezer protection. It protects your pool and spa equipment and plumbing against damage caused due to freezing conditions.

Heat mat thermostat

Make sure you check on the heat mat thermostat in your greenhouse. You don’t want all your hard work wilting up on you. A Hydromat heat mat thermostat allows you to control the temperature in the greenhouse, ensuring the right temperatures for specific crops and prolonging the life of the plants. Regular thermostats for heating the house should also be checked by turning them on and off and bringing back to normal setting.

Air filter

Clean or replace air filters in the furnace. In case of an oil furnace, see if the fuel storage tank is topped off and ready for winter. Make sure all heating vents are cleaned so air flows freely. Chimneys should be cleaned.

Other things that need looking into are the garden hoses. Remove the hose pipe, drain and store it as otherwise water trapped inside may freeze and rupture the pipe. Clean out gutters so that the ice can freeze and thaw properly. Ensure downspouts are fixed properly and directed away from your home to prevent water crawling into some crevice or space into the lower levels of the house. Tune up the snowblower and make sure the gas tank is filled.

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