A few things to have in your nursery just in case


bed extension for baby,

A nursery has to be well-equipped to deal with all of baby’s needs. When things are easily accessible, you can pay attention to the baby immediately. Things like a crib, crib mattress, dresser, changing table, baby monitor and other things are stuff that all nurseries generally have. Apart from these regular things, there are some essentials that are really handy under special circumstances to have around. Take a look here:

Bed extension for baby

For those times when when your baby is irritable or ill, a baby bed co-sleeper or bed extension allows you to keep the baby close to you at night. It can be attached to your bed with one side open. It’s easy when you have to feed the baby at night as you don’t have to get up. One more advantage of the bed extension for baby is that you can sleep easy knowing your baby is right beside you and safe. A Mini Co-sleeper Bassinet has all these features and as it’s portable, you can take it along as a travel bed too. It’s compact and easy to put up. Some bed extensions for baby come with storage space where you can store baby’s bedding items and other things.

Baby comforter

Keep a few extra comforters around in case it gets really cold in the nights. The neon green Lil’ Princess pillow, baby comforter and fleece blanket set is sprinkled with cute frogs, magic wands, princesses, castles and ornate crowns. The comforter is trimmed in violet. It’s easy to wash and maintain. Check out the Bananafish Lily comforter. It’s cozy and warm and provides a comfortable resting place for your baby when fractious and irritable.

Play yard

When you want to give yourself time to unwind before the baby’s bedtime, put him in a play yard in the nursery. You can relax on a rocking chair with a book or some sewing till the baby tires himself out and then quickly put him to bed. Primary Baby Bear play yard is an enclosed play area for young kids. The panels are made out of molded plastic. The gate can be opened or closed easily relieving you from stress and strain of lifting the baby.

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