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There are different jobs that require you to constantly be moving on your feet; nurses, doctors, servers, and retail workers are just a few of the professions where you don’t get to spend much time sitting down. These jobs require a lot of foot support or you will get tired quickly or have unnecessary injuries. Alegria shoes has a line of shoes that provide a lot of support, specifically for professionals.

The best part is that you can pick these up for a steal at Alegria shoes clearance. The idea is to pick classic designs that last you a long time and are also versatile. You need shoes at work that help you stay on the move without causing blisters and pain. So even though you love those high-heeled stilettos, it makes sense to save them for the evening instead of when you’re running around all day.

In fact, if you remember the flick The Devil Wears Prada, you will remember that one of the girls at the fashion magazine wore clogs to work and would change out of them when her boss reached the building. I cannot disagree that sometimes clogs prove to be a more sensible option.

Check out the classic Alegria clogs that come in leather with a rubber sole, which makes it perfect to wear all year round. It features a leather upper for a polished look along with strap and button detail. The leather-covered latex and memory foam footbed ensures comfort while accommodating custom orthotics.

shoes for nurses

Also, check out shoes for nurses like Nurse Mates Angel lace-up shoes that provide a lot of support and are very comfortable. You can experience superior, custom-like comfort in the workplace and the lacing system lets you adjust the fit. You will love the stain-resistant leather upper that feels so soft against your skin and is easy to clean. The blown EVA unit bottom gets you fantastic traction on a variety of surfaces.

So say goodbye to footache woes and enjoy these comfy shoes at the workplace!

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