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I remember that when I brought my daughter home from the hospital, I was almost too scared to give her a bath. I worried that she would slip out of my hands or that soap would some how get into her eyes. But thankfully, I had friends to guide me here who had already experienced this ordeal. They provided me with some sensible tips and tools to give you confidence in the process because reasonably so, the whole task can be very scary, but it is important to take the proper steps to ensure your baby’s safety.

Water makes everything slippery so make sure you have the proper gripping, like a rubber shower mat. A baby bath seat is a must have for all mommies with babies who are able to support their own heads, but then a reclined seat or separate small sized tub with head supports on each side are good for younger newer babies. With the baby bath seat, you can be assured that your little one is secure in the seat, even if you lose your grip on the soap.

Even after the months pass by, I still prefer using the seat because of the safety factor. I do not believe in taking chances. But now, my daughter is able to support her weight well on the feet, so I use a rubber mat to help her stand and ensure that she does not slip and fall. Then I place her back on the bath seat and then use the hand shower to wash out the soap.

I prefer using Johnson’s baby soap and its hair and body wash because it is milder than any baby soap. The ultra mild cleanser designed for use on baby’s entire body and hair and is allergy and dermatologist tested. The formula is perfect for all baby’s sensitive skin and won’t hurt them on the accidental occasion some soap does get in their eyes. As a rule of thumb, do test the water with your wrist to make sure the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold. And last but not the least, don’t panic! You will get this right!

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