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Badger Sunscreen

Though it’s only January, many college students and working Joe’s like the rest of us, are looking ahead to our next few days of vacation time; Spring Break. When you say the words “Spring Break” to anyone, instantly images of sunshine, sandy beaches and little drinks with umbrellas in them instantly come to mind. Admit it, you’re already looking for great travel deals and packing your suitcase in your mind, don’t worry, so are we! And with all that fun in the Spring Break sun we’re planning; don’t forget the most important Spring Break essential, badger sunscreen.

5 Spring Break Essentials

1. Sunscreen- There is nothing that will ruin your Spring Break fun faster than a sunburn. Trust us, there is nothing cute about a lobster in a bikini, so this year skip the tanning oils and the knock off sunscreens and bring your own Badger balm sunscreen. This is the best sunscreen for your Spring Break because its water proof, long lasting, nourishing to your skin, blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and it’s even lightly scented with lavender.

2. Swimsuits- Yes, we’re saying plural swimsuits. Accidents happen, one minute you’re being pulled behind a boat on a giant banana and the next minute you’ve fallen in the water and there’s a tear in your bikini. Make sure that you throw an extra suit or at least and extra top of bottom bikini piece in your suitcase. You’ll thank me later.

3. Sandals- This is Spring Break, you’re job is to be pool or beach side, so make sure you have the shoes to match. A great pair of flip flops will get you to the beach and back and a stylish pair or gladiator or wedge sandals will have your looking adorable around town.

4. Sundresses/pool covers- You know that when you’re on spring break you’re basically going to be in your swimsuit the entire time, so make sure you have a few sundresses or pool covers that go with it. Whether you’re being a beach bunny or are shopping downtown, you want make sure you’re looking cute and are always ready for a dip.

5. Trashy beach only reading book-You know what kind of book we’re talking about. Get something silly and trashy that you’d never read if you weren’t on vacation and indulge when you’re tanning by the pool.

With these super Spring Break essentials you’re sure to have a fabulous time! Let us know about your Spring Break 2013 plans with comments below!

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