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TVs have evolved a lot over the past 5 years. CRT based TVs are now extinct and flat screen digital TVs are what everyone seems to want. Among the flat screen digital TV’s, LED TVs are the most sought after ones.

LCD and LED TVs are quite similar. The major difference between them is the backlight. LCD TVs use cold-cathode fluorescent lights or CCFL lights to light the screen on it while LED TV’s use light emitting diodes to light up the screen. This difference is quite significant as the contrast on LED TVs is a lot more than LCD ones. The other most commonly known difference between them would be the thickness. LED TVs are generally very thin and sometimes they are ever less than an inch.

Among the brands for LED TVs Samsung would be one of the best ones around. Samsung has been known to make some of the best LED TVs available. Samsung LED TVs are known for their high contrast and high refresh rates. The Samsung UN50EH6000 LED TV is one of the best 50 inch LED TVs around. This TV would be perfect display unit for a home theater system. One of the unique features about this TV would be the ability to play DivX video files via the USB port. Most TVs only allow you to play audio files and view pictures via the USB port.

The Sony Bravia line of LED TVs are very good as well. They are great for home theater systems. Most of their LED TVs feature Bravia Sync. This feature comes in quite handy if you have a Sony sound system connected to your TV. With the Bravia Sync feature you can control the speaker system along with the TV with a single remote. The Sony Bravia series of TVs are great for gaming thanks to their low response times. These low response times eliminates the ghosting effect which make it great for gaming.

While Samsung and Sony are the two major brands there are others which have some good LED TVs. Sansui might not match Samsung and Sony for their features but they have some great budget LED TVs. A few LED Sansui TV reviews have shown that they do have some solid LED TVs which would be great for your home.

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