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Convex and concave mirrors have multiple uses, right from the cosmetic to the decorative. Concave mirrors reflect light inwards and convex mirrors reflect light outwards. They look like bent mirrors. The concave mirror caves inside while the covex mirror looks like it curves away from you. Take a look here at how convex mirrors are used widely in daily life:

One of the most popular uses of the convex mirror is their use in motor vehicles. They’re found on the passenger sides of vehicles as a side view mirror. They make objects seem smaller than they are and reflect a wider field of vision.

Convex mirrors are used inside buildings like large office blocks, malls, big hospitals, stores, apartment complexes and other commercial buildings. Convex mirrors allow people to see and avoid colliding with people coming around the corner.

Convex mirrors are used at ATMs, banks and other places where security is required. They allow you to see if someone is behind you and help protect your transaction details.

Convex mirrors are used in the manufacture of sunglasses as they help deflect sunlight away from your eyes. They’re also used as a magnifying glass when placed back to back. A convex mirror is also used in telescopes.

Convex and concave mirrors act like magnification mirrors when you want to apply your makeup. A two way mirror like the My Color 2 Way Swivel mirror is helpful to get a close-up of your face when you want to apply cosmetics. You can see an enlarged image of your face to enable you to see every pore on your face clearly. You can use the mirror when you want to check a speck in the eye or view anything minutely on your face. A wonderful gift idea is the vintage and stylish engraved Personalized Beaded compact. It has an elegant beaded design and features two mirrors. One is a regular mirror and the other is a magnification mirror.

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