Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 90



Greetings, fashionistas! This week we are highlighting four fabulous ladies who know a thing or two about what’s in style, what’s trendy, and what will be big in the coming months. All these women have a passion for fashion and closets we might kill to raid! Get ready to meet Laura, Elif, Amy, and Meredith, they’re sure to become your go to fashion gurus. Be sure to visit these ladies at their blogs and see if you love their style as much as we do!

As Time Goes…Buy

Laura the author of As Time Goes...Buy

I’m just a girl who loves fashion. Okay, maybe not a girl, because I’m well into my 40′s. And I do mean WELL INTO! But I still love fashion and style doesn’t just belong to the young. As Time Goes…Buy came about when I decided to take a shopping break. Kind of like all that Feb Fast nonsense except longer, 90-days, and I still could have a good cocktail! Like anyone else who decides to give something up, I became even more focused on what I couldn’t have. So I decided to blog a bit about the experience, provide a few photos of what outfits I put together and share some thoughts and ideas on what’s going on in the fashion world from a “mature aged woman’s” perspective. The shopping break is well over but the love of fashion is still going strong.


The Fashion Medley

Elif author of The Fashion Medley

The Fashion Medley started out as a way to share my passion for fashion and all things that inspire me with the rest of the world, back in 2009. Fashion was just a hobby for me before; but the moment I made a life changing decision to go to Italy and make fashion an actual part of my life – I decided it was time for a blog, because I had been saving everything for so long that they had to be put out there. I started the blog when I was in Turkey, then in Italy and now continuing in Montreal, Canada. My tagline from Coco Chanel actually describes what my blog is about: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.



Amy author of AmysWalkInWardrobe

I am a British expat working in the advertising industry based in Bangkok Thailand. My absolute passions are media (my job!) and fashion (my hobby). “Fashion to me is not just clothing, but everything gorgeous and stylish that makes our lives more fabulous. My blog focuses on affordable, chic, work, holiday and weekend looks, make-up reviews, jewelry, wardrobe styling and celeb inspiration. I celebrate being a woman every day and believe feeling good about yourself gets you places. And there’s nothing a good pair of heels can’t save!”


Create that Outfit

Meredith author of Create that Outfit

Create That Outfit is a fashion blog highlighting my personal style. I hope to inspire women to step out of their comfort zone with fashion.  I want to show them that being fashionable isn’t hard, and anyone can be stylish.


Want even more style tips from the fabulous four above? Ask them how they add their personal style, taste, and fashion forward notions to a crochet dress! These dresses are light, breezy, and perfect for the coming spring and summer months and sundresses or swimsuit covers! I’m sure that any tips that Laura, Elif, Amy or Meredith give you are sure to help you look your best.








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  1. Erin Says:

    I am so glad your featured Meredith! I absolutely love her blog & she is just such a lovely person!


    Erin @

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