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Over the past few years there have been many few different forms of media that was introduced to improve the way we listen to music. Quite surprisingly the growth of digital forms of media hasn’t had any effect on vinyl record sales. In fact vinyl record sales have been steadily increasing. Quite a few people still prefer vinyl records to digital media. Here are the best portable record players you could get to play vinyl records.

Crosley Echo

The Crosley Echo is one of the most feature packed record players you will find. This record player features almost everything you would want in a portable music player. This Crosley portable record player features USB encoding so you can convert your vinyl music into digital music if you want to. It also features AM/FM radio so you will always have something new to listen to. Lastly it also features a universal iPod dock. The full range dynamic speakers compliment the record player very well and sound quality is quite good. It is designed like  a suitcase which makes it  easy carry it wherever you want with ease.

Numark PT01 Portable Turntable

The Numark PT01 portable turntable is one of the most rugged portable record players around. This record player can run on batteries making it truly portable. This portable turn table comes with its own recording software if you plan on connecting it to your PC for converting your music into digital format. The Numark PT01 also comes with the Audacity software which allows you to edit tracks removing clicks, pops, and other noises from your recordings to give you the best possible sound quality. It also has a 1/8″ line input which allows you to connect tape deck units so you can convert them into digital format as well.

Audio Technica LP120-USB

The Audio Technica LP120 portable record player is one of the best direct-drive vinyl record players around. This record player features a high-torque direct-drive motor for quick start-ups. It also features a plug and play USB output that connects directly to your computer. The forward and reverse play capabilities of this record player make things quite convenient. This record player also features a selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier. This allows it to plug into components with no dedicated turntable input. This record player also includes cables to connect to high-powered speakers if you aren’t satisfied with the sound of the built-in ones.

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