Cardigan sweaters: why it can be fun to wear men’s clothes for comfort


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If there’s one thing I like about picking clothes for my partner is that I can choose sweaters, which I can wear too. It is very common for women to buy men’s clothes simply because they’re very comfortable and they can be fun to wear around the house. Also, sometimes it can also be fun to get sweaters that go together as a couple. Now I don’t like getting geeky but once in a while we do head out for some couples night out or a game of charades with neighbors, dressed in similar clothes.

The thing about mens cardigan sweaters is that they are so comfy and cozy. And a blessing to be worn on days when that bulge around your waist shows, especially around your periods, when the tummy bloats. I love wearing these with a feminine touch. For instance, a simple and boring cashmere grey men’s sweater can be sported over funky orange or green leggings.

Add a belt to accentuate your curves and finish off with some cool neck accessories. If worn around the house you can sport them with your regular jeans too. A scarf or shawl can be taken on top of it if you have to move out suddenly or step out of the house. In this reference, women’s cardigan sweaters can also be used for layering when the mercury dips below the levels that you can bear.

You will love this Blair Shaker cardigan sweater because you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. The cardigan features classic textured cardigan and you can keep it handy. The best part is that the versatile design can be worn by both you and your partner. It features a shawl collar, detachable shoulder pads, front pockets, side vents with flattering longer lengths. The guys can just fold in the length for a suave touch.

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