5 tips to maintain your dark hair color all year long


chocolate brown hair color

When you have long luscious locks, you’re hair and hair color can be a pain in the butt to maintain. All that brushing, washing, conditioning, styling, and natural weather like sun and rain, is bad news for your hair. Not too mention that all of that totally necessary abuse you’re hair endures strips your hair of that rich color you just paid and arm and a leg for. One minute you had rich chocolate brown hair color and a few blow drys later you’re hair has faded to a dull dirt color.

Here are five tips to maintaining that dark rich brown you love:

1. Use shampoo and conditioner formulated for colored hair: There’s a reason that shampoo companies make products for color treated hair, and no it’s not to rip you off. Those shampoos and conditioners are made with fewer chemicals to strip the dye from hair. Next time you dye your hair, pick up a bottle of Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo to go with it. Their shampoo is blended with distilled, pure color pigments and natural moisturizers to keep your hair strong, shiny, healthy, and refresh your color every time you wash.

2. Wash you’re less frequently and with colder water: If you don’t have oily hair then you should really only be washing it three times a week. Too much washing and the sulfates in most shampoos that help to clean your hair will strip your color. Also as much as we all love a hot, steamy shower, try and cut down between colorings. Water’s temperature actually effects the elasticity of your hair, so when it’s hot your hair is its most stretchy which allows pigment to escape the hair.

3. Use dry shampoo made for brunettes: Because you’ll be washing less, you might feel like your hair is less clean. Invest in a great dry shampoo that will powder away the oils in your hair without stripping its color. They make special dry shampoos for brunettes that way it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a powdered wig.

4. Wear a hat when you’re in the sun: There’s a reason its called sun kissed blonde, sun’s warming rays can actually bleach the color right out of your hair. So next time you’re going to be out in the sun for a long time, grab a hat and cover as much of your hair as you can. Lucky for you hats are totally in right now.

5. Deep condition your hair a few days after the coloring: Coloring your hair is damaging for your hair. So the next time you color your hair, wait a few days and then give it a good deep condition to replace the moisture that coloring it took out. Especially in the Winter months when your hair will be at its most dry you should deep condition your hair at least once a month.

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