Daisy by Marc Jacobs, now its a lotion


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One of the most popular perfumes in the world for young women is Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs. It is without a doubt the scent of a generation, and whether you’re dabbing on a bit of the original Daisy or the Eau So Fresh Daisy perfume it’s one perfume no young woman’s vanity table should be without.

Daisy, any way you want it

This show stopping perfume by Marc Jacobs comes in a variety of sizes and application styles, from roll on to purse spray to the original perfume spray, you could have Daisy any way you wanted it, well almost. By popular demand Marc Jacobs has release a new way to get your Daisy fix, now you can buy Marc Jacobs Daisy body lotion!

This luscious 5.1 oz lotion will envelop your skin in a dewy moister, giving you glowing baby soft skin. This is still the Daisy you know and love but as a body lotion its scent is intensified in the best way. No more worrying if your favorite lotion that keeps your skin looking soft and healthy will clash with your perfume creating a confusing scent and making you feel a bit out of place. This lotion by Marc Jacobs is made to compliment its perfume cousin.

You’ll fall head over heels for the fresh wild strawberry scent that blooms with a modern velvety violet giving its vintage edge. This petal soft lotion finishes with a luminous blend of sweet gardenia and jasmine, giving it just the right amount of sweetness while the cedar wood and birch give it its signature intensity.

Daisy all year long

This is the perfect perfume to wear during the spring and summer months, and will awaken your senses in the colder fall and winter months when most women switch from their lighter and fruitier perfumes to the darker and more sensuous musk’s. No matter when you decided you want to wear your Daisy, now you can truly have it anyway you want it perfume, roll on, lotion, and purse spray!

Do you love your Daisy by March Jobs? Tell us how much with comments and pictures below!

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