Easy outdoor décor ideas for your animal friends


birdhouses, glass hummingbird feeder

Patios can be a relaxing and friendly area for when you want to chill out. Think of adding some birdhouses and hummingbird feeders if you like watching birds. Kids enjoy bird activity around the house and it’s one way of teaching them to identify a lot of different birds too. Take a look at how you can make your outdoor space a lively one with these ideas:

Birds generally look for friendly and safe areas to raise their young. You can do some background on nesting birds and see what attracts them. You can make your own birdhouse that attracts certain specific bird species by adding safe, bird-friendly features.

Make sure you use acrylic paint that is weather-resistant for the birdhouse. Don’t add too many embellishments because birds love to pick and pull things. It’s best to keep feeders and birdhouses well away from the house to avoid a mess.

Enjoy a crafts session with your kids by helping/teaching them how to make an environment-friendly popsicle stick birdhouse or a plastic bottle birdfeeder. All you need are Popsicle sticks and some glue. You can paint the completed birdhouse with any color you like.

Even toddlers can be taught to make a birdhouse feeder with a pinecone. Help your child spread peanut butter inside and all around the pinecone and the edges with the help of a blunt knife. Generously sprinkle birdseed over the pine cone or roll the pinecone in a pan or shallow bowl filled with birdfeed and hang on a tree with a string.

Hummingbirds love fresh syrup or nectar. A glass hummingbird feeder like the Perky Pet Landmark feeder in fluted, tinted glass is an attractive piece. It can hold 10 ounces of nectar. It has an integrated perch where the hummingbirds can sit and dine. You can make your own nectar with one part cane sugar with four parts water. Some people add a red dye to the syrup. But red dye is believed to cause tremors according to some so it’s better to avoid it.

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