How to stay warm while exercising outdoors


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With the temperatures dipping a lot over the past few days it does get difficult for those of you exercising outdoors. While exercising or playing any sports it is important that you keep your body protected from the harsh weather. Here are a few things you could try out while exercising.

One of the first things you would need to do would be to dress up in layers. This will allow you to remove your outerwear when you sweat and dress up when you feel cold. When dressing up in layers you must ensure that the clothes you use are good enough to protect you from the cold. The first layer or the base layer usually is made from fleece which will keep you warm and comfortable. The fleece base layer clothing from Guide series clothing are usually quite good when it comes to outdoor winter wear.

The Guide Series Men’s Heavyweight Fleece Base Layer Topis a perfect option to have. This ¼ zip pullover is with heavy weight fleece to keep you warm and comfortable. The 100% polyester fabric wicks away any moisture or sweat to keep you comfortable during your workouts. It also features a flatlock seam construction for smooth comfort and easy layering. The downside with this would be the fact that there are no pockets. But then again the outer layers would usually need to have pockets.

A regular t-shirt like some of the mens golf shirts could go under the base layer to keep you comfortable. Once you have sorted the inner layers you would have to choose an outer shell. Usually wind breakers or wind resistant jackets are what most people chose. They will not only keep your body heat trapped but will also negate cold winds from penetrating your layers. They are also quite lightweight and are great to go jogging during winters.

Once you’ve sorted your upper clothing you should consider getting thermal pants to keep your legs protected. In addition to that you should also consider getting gloves as you don’t want your hands to go numb. Last but not the least in case it is snowing you should consider getting appropriate shoes which will give you traction over snow and slush.

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