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There are so many different hat styles men can wear to keep their heads warm since you lose a huge percentage of body heat from your head. These range from a kangol hat, which is different than a beret, to beanies. One of the coolest styles created for men are definitely these hats, which are urban-suave and help your reflect your individual trend, without being restrictive.

These days you can pick cheap kangol hats to stay warm and also look suave. It is suggested that you invest them in either wool or cotton. The reason is that woolen ones will keep you snug and warm all through the winter. You can wear it to work and simply take it off on reaching your destination. These surely complement suits and formal attire very well.

Casual kangol hats are highly recommended for those who like to reflect a sporty style. Choose them in cotton if you want them to last you through the transitional seasons. They won’t be as snug as woolen ones, but work great for individuals who have sensitive skin or are allergic to wool.

In this reference, the fedora is also a suave choice to keep it simple and trendy. Beanie hats, which were once known as “watch caps” are named after the hats that sailors wore aboard ships to keep watch. These beanies are a crucial part of the navy subculture and the evolution of the name symbolized street language, which did hang on!

Flat hats like this A.F.P. Plaid 504 come in pioneer check and herringbone jacquard knit in a mid-weight wool blend. It can be sported with suits, trenches, overcoats, etc. For the casual beanies, sports jackets or even sporty golf attire works well. You can also try to opt for something semi formal when it comes to Kangol, thanks to more casual and contemporary designs.

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