How to avoid burns in the kitchen


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People often cook for their family and friends. A kitchen is the heart of a home. You can increase the lifespan of your kitchen items with the help of the following simple ideas. You can also avoid getting burns with these ideas.

Pick some trendy hot pads

Check out some kitchen hot pads and choose some of them for the counters. Pick some Natural Home hot pads from Target. These pads are made from 100% organic cotton. You can also check out the Duncan hot pads of Duncan Kitchen Grips Inc. These heat-resistant pads protect your hands from hot and cold temperatures. Featuring black textured cross-cut side against the hot surfaces and cookware. Made from antibacterial material, they prevent stains that cause bacteria to buildup on the gloves. These kitchen hot pads provide increased insulation. The two piece Bamboo mat trivet set hot pads of Jed Mart. These heat resistant pads protect the kitchen’s counter tops and table tops from hot dishes, plates etc. Go for the Talisman Designs no slipping hot pads by Talisman Designs if you want to go for more stylish hot pads.

Choose good quality oven mittens

Good quality oven mittens protect your hands and arms while you are racing to grill a feast in the backyard or to cook a fiesta in the kitchen. Go for the Built Sizzler extra long oven mitt because they come with multi dots. These mittens help you cross the finish line easily, safely and quickly. You can wear this mitt on your left or right hand. Their extra length gives you complete protection. They provide you a non-slip grip and snug fit that allows you to shift gears in a vehicle without missing a beat, dropping a utensil or flipping a burger. Heat resistant up to 500 degree Fahrenheit, these machine washable mittens are stain resistant.

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