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I prefer having wrought iron or wood chairs in my backyard because they add to the aesthetic appeal and are eco-friendly. But sometimes, when a lot of guests are over or I am having a party, I do need to rent chairs. Though beautiful designs are now available in plastic chairs too, I don’t understand why the rental ones are always so ugly, tattered and with marks all over.

So I prefer to dress up rented plastic chairs with folding chair covers. Doing so spruces up the decoration and sure helps in complementing the overall ambiance  Imagine having a white them party, with chairs that has chocolate marks all over. I know you must be worried about the sizing right now but there are a lot of standard fits available these days.

These covers have been designed keeping in mind a range of sizes and thus fits comfortably on most. Check out this satin folding chair cover in gold that dresses up your boring, dingy, or mismatched chairs. These gorgeous satin chair covers made of 100% polyester, which makes them easy to wash and maintain. Also, these chair covers are machine washable and you don’t have to worry about them shrinking. They are fade resistant too.

In fact, we usually share this with friends or relatives. It makes sense to invest in them alone also if you have a lot of parties or get-togethers. They aren’t expensive and are surely worth the money. You can also spruce up the covers with ribbons and other fun decorations for large backyard parties, weddings, etc.

You can make cute bows out of it or arrange them loosely with the edges slit to create string-like effects. Get ribbons of contrasting colors so that they show prominently. You can also use a satin cloth and wrap it around the chair in a bow or flower shape.

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