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Tennis is a game which requires a lot of practice and hard work. It is also an expensive game when you take into account the equipment you need and the time you spend at the court. Hence getting affordable tennis equipment is essential in order to balance and maintain those costs. Here are a few essential pieces of equipment which are surprisingly not expensive.

When it comes to playing tennis the first thing you would be looking at is the racquet. Tennis racquets are quite expensive and often need replacement every once in a while. This is why getting a relatively inexpensive one would be a great idea considering you would have to replace them soon. There are quite a few tennis racquets for sale and among them the MacGregor’s Wide Body Tennis would be a great option. This tennis racquet is ideal for recreational players. It features an aluminum construction with two-tone baked enamel painted finish. The area of the head is about 88 square inches which makes it a mid head. Lastly it weighs only 8.8 oz which makes it quite light weight as well.

Once you have your tennis racquet you would need to get yourself a pair of good tennis shoes. Like tennis racquets, tennis shoes can be quite expensive as well. Among the budget tennis shoes available the Prince T14 would be a good option. This tennis shoe features a leather and synthetic leather upper along with a mesh finish to give you comfort and breathability. The lightly padded tongue makes things comfortable and light weight. The fit of this shoe is just about perfect thanks to the mid sole padding. Lastly the outsole provides adequate traction and is highly durable.

Once you’ve got yourself a racquet and a pair of shoes you could look at other items like tennis nets and poles in case you are building a tennis court in your back yard. There are quite a few tennis nets for sale now days and the WILSON 20 Foot Tennis Net would be just about perfect. This tennis net makes setting up a court very easy. It features a 10 feet of rope on each side to tie the net and it is relatively easy to tie up on either side.

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