How to get your kids to take adult medicine


liquid chlorophyll, liquid softgels

If feeding brussel sprouts to my kids was a daunting task, then giving them adult medicine is even tougher. Kids hate to take tablets and other adult medicines, but sometimes there’s not much option. You cannot give them that yummy tasting medicine all the time! There are certain treatments out there that if a child is sick or have a headache then they can take liquid gel pills and it will be easier to swallow.

For instance, liquid chlorophyll is a mineral rich supplement that has been suggested to assist in tissue repair. Along with this, it purifies the blood and also helps the liver build red blood cells, natural internal deodorizer and tissue healer. With about 15 cc or each tablespoon you give your child a concentrated solution of 100 mg of pure Chlorophyllins that has been derived from alfalfa, which is certified organically grown alfalfa.

liquid softgels

Along with this, liquid softgels are good for adults too because they can be absorbed into the body more easily. For instance, for kids who suffer from some kind of calcium deficiency or have bene suggested calcium supplements, the liquid Calcium Softgels with D3 100 Sgels by Nature’s Blend is suggested.

The product promotes strong bones and teeth and comes with easy-to-swallow benefits. The mineral is essential for healthy bones and teeth and it also has vitamin D that helps bones absorb calcium from and helps in overall growth.

In this reference, I would like to share that not all adult medicines are safe for children. In particular tablets can be a choking hazard if given forcefully. And breaking them or powdering them is not an option all the time. So opt for softer gels and liquids that are more beneficial and easily absorbed. And do consult your physician or pediatrician rather than assuming that a particular medicine is safe for your child.

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