How to host your first dinner party


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If you are planning to host a dinner party, the first thing you need to do is to make a list of all the things you need for the big day. Once you are done with it, you are sure to host a great party.


Although you want everything to be good, tasty and classy, yet you do not need spend a fortune on brand new supplies. You can always incorporate the items you already have with a few new things you have purchased. There always is scope for improvisation! For example, if you have lot of guests and you need extra plates, you can always go for cheap dinnerware sets. They do look good and you can even use them in your day to day life.


Plan your invitations. You can choose from very formal snail mail cards to more casual and easy to use Evites.


Drinks are as important as the food. Drinks complement the various courses. You can perhaps have mixed drink or spritzer. You can offer your guests with wine or other non alcoholic beverages during dinner. You can offer decaf or serve tea in an English tea set after the desert.


When making your menu, be sure that your guests enjoy the dishes. Also you can try a craft menu to make it a unique experience for your guests. Remember, you don’t have to just plan for the main course. Other things like appetizers, dessert and salads are also to be kept in mind. Set out the tables for appetizers and other finger food so that your guests can help themselves.


Once you know the number of guests and the menu, it won’t be difficult to determine what kind and number of dishes you will need. It all depends on the courses. On one hand, you can plan for a 12-course meal and on the other, only a 2-course meal. In general, you should plan to have a salad plate, main course plate, a bread plate, a dessert plate and perhaps a bowl for soup.

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