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Dish washing is no rocket science. But scouring them to perfection calls for some effort and good practical sense. Whether you’re using a dishwasher or scrubbing the pots and pans and clear glass dishes with your hands, the right detergent or soap and the right scrub is important. If using a dishwasher, you need to understand how it works thoroughly. Take a look at some efficient tips on keeping your dishes clean and bright here:

While cleaning glass dishes like the Clear Garden glass dish in a dishwasher make sure you use the right detergent. The wrong detergent will leave behind cloudy, spotty results on your clear glass dishes. Dishwashing detergents mixed with white vinegar or a citric liquid are believed to give good results.

Dishwashers cleaned periodically wash dishes better. All you have to do is run the dishwasher on an empty cycle with water and citrus mix. Once a month of this citrus wash keeps your dishwasher sparkling clean and does a wonderful job of keeping your dishes looking like new. You can even make your own dishwashing detergent at home for clear glass dishes. Look up some online cleaning solutions to get the effect you want.

If you’ve been entertaining and have a lot of dishes that need to be cleaned, rinse them out in hot water and place them in your dishwasher. For those dishes that have dried-up food, soak in warm water before putting in the dishwasher. Use the hot water mode on the dishwasher. Don’t pack the dishes in too tightly as the dishes get washed by water being sprayed on them. Pack the dishes in such a way that the water is sprayed easily on them. It’s always better to follow instructions properly that come attached with the dishwasher for good cleaning results.

If you have soap dispenser installed in the kitchen, cleaning up becomes easier. A Sonoma soap or lotion dispenser has an angled projecting sprout for easy access. Filled with soap or hand lotion, it can be mounted underneath your sink or countertop. The Elinvar kitchen soap dispenser in oil rubbed bronze is perfect for hand or dish soap.

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