How to keep your pets warm even in the winter


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Pets feel the cold as much as we do in the winters. Pets, especially certain breeds of dogs feel the cold more than other breeds as they’re not used to cold weather. Keeping pets warm and healthy with the right winter nutrition is important. Take a look here at some helpful ideas on taking care of your pets during winter:

Insulated dog house

Pet dogs are generally accustomed to indoor living where it’s warm and insulated. Exposure to very cold and wet weather can bring down a dog’s body temperature to the extent that it can be fatal. Provide for an insulated dog house that can be kept indoors or outdoors. An insulated dog house will protect your dog from cold, wet, drafty weather and avoid the risk of hypothermia.

A Spotty Wooden insulated dog house has an eco-friendly construction. I’s foam-insulated with a raised panel floor for use throughout the year, whatever the weather. You can even install a dog bed inside. The best part is the removable roof that makes for easy cleaning of the insulated dog house. Even when you’re not home, your dog will be safe and warm from the elements.

A dog house, medium or small, depending on the size of your pet is a safe, warm and comfortable option. The sturdy, plastic Petmate Barn Home dog house is barn-style with a rim that diverts rain from the interior. It has a back air vent to keep your dog warm and dry whether it snows or rains.

Provide warm bedding

In case you have to go out, provide for a warm bed outdoors so that your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the ground or on the bare floor. Cold weather will pull out body warmth and chill joints. If you’re planning on leaving him outdoors in the garage or garden, provide for a fresh straw bed that will retain heat and keep him warm. Some old clothes like your sweatshirt or thick t-shirt also makes for an effective bed-warmer to keep body temperature normal.

Electric bed warmers

Pet Bed Warmers are available in the market. They’re slip-in warmers that can be slipped into a dog’s zippered bed and are ideal for any ageing pet. The warmer has a thermostat controlled heater to provide energy-efficient heat. Make sure you use low-voltage, chew-resistant cords and wires that are double-insulated.

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